DVD - More Secrets of No-Limit Hold'Em with Howard Lederer

More Details - DVD - More Secrets of No-Limit Hold'Em with Howard Lederer

AS SEEN ON TV! Get the real deal from "The Professor of Poker," Howard Lederer.

In his second how-to video, Howard Lederer offers you a professional and insider's view of the world's most popular poker game, Texas No-Limit Hold'Em. Entertaining and easy to follow, this video is the poker video that can help any player improve their game.FREE Advanced "Pre-Flop Strategy" Chart MORE betting strategy MORE hints about spotting "Tells" MORE clues on bluffing MORE tips on suited connectors MORE ideas about slow play MORE stories about championship play.

Whether you're preparing to enter your first tournament, hitting a local casino, or just playing at home with your poker buddies, Howard can help you be the best player you can be. Approximate running time is 100 minutes.

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