No Limit Life by Charlie Shoten

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By all accounts, Charlie Shoten has led a fantastic life. Born in New York City, the onetime computer entrepreneur, insurance executive and, now, professional poker player has enjoyed a wealth of success that some may never reach. It was unfortunate, then, when Charlie found that he wasn't happy with his life. That all changed for Charlie once he found his basic problems in life. Once he made those corrections, his life became fuller and each day better than the last. Now Charlie has passed those lessons learned onto the rest of us via his new book, "No-Limit Life". In it, he points out where many people have problems in their lives (and in their poker games, as well) and presents a very well thought out solution to those problems. No-Limit Life is Shoten's effort to share the Roadmap he follows. It is short, funny, easy to read, enjoyable and perhaps the simplest and most effective path you could ever hope to follow.

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