$5000 Blue Jackpot Coin-Inlaid Poker Chip

$0.09 TC10-COIN5000
More Details - $5000 Blue Jackpot Coin-Inlaid Poker Chip

These 12.2 gram "Jackpot Casino, Las Vegas" inlaid coin chips are some of the most unique you will ever see. The coin inlay poker chip became popular in many worldwide casinos. This style chip is still used in many Las Vegas Casino such as Palace Station.

Eight different denominations complete this chip series, including 25, 50, $100, $500, $1000 and $5000. And each denomination has its own color.

Engraved in white along the edges of each chip are A, K, Q, & J with each card suit represented between each royal card in each chip's unique color. The chip's edge alternates white and a color stripe, in which two squares and a circle decorate the center of each color stripe. Edges are rounded and smooth. These are classy chips!

No detail was spared in this highly unique and durable poker chip series. While most chips with metal inserts have a "plinky" sound when you drop them, these chips have the sound of clay authentic professional chips. But they are offered at a fraction of the cost of authentic poker chips.

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